The smoke sauna

Relaxing in the heat of a traditional Finnish smoke sauna is a unique experience. The benches can take up to 20 bathers at a time. From the smoke sauna you can take a dip in the waves of Lake Unnukka, or gaze at the stars from the outdoor hot tub. The sauna facility has two changing rooms and two showering rooms, and it has full alcohol serving license.

To heat up the smoke sauna, we use meter-long logs from the nearby forest. One heating session takes as much as one third cubic meter of firewood. The stove has 1300 kg of stones on the top, and the outer casing is layered with stones gathered from the family estate grounds. Heating up the smoke sauna takes a little over 7 hours.

The lakeshore sauna

The traditional lakeshore sauna takes up to 4 people at a time. The sauna is suitable for families and small groups. From the sauna you can take a dip in Lake Unnukka. Our guests can book a one-hour sauna shift in the summertime (May-September) without additional charge.