We offer both cottages and bed-and-breakfast style accommodation in a rustic surrounding close to nature


Restaurant Vännin Ankkuri serves as a venue for conferences and celebrations. We organize various private events, courses, and retreats

Adventure activities

At Niemilomat you can enjoy mountain biking or hiking, the steam of a smoke sauna, or ice swimming in wintertime


Niemilomat has offered unique experiences since 1998. We provide a venue for various events: gatherings, courses, retreats, and sociable sauna evenings. We also offer nature activities, such as mountain biking on a forest trail, snowshoeing and ice swimming. You can also enjoy the heat of a Finnish smoke sauna or hike to our lean-to shelter to enjoy the campfire.

We are situated by Lake Unnukka, in the middle of the pure nature of Lakeland, 13 kilometres from the town of Varkaus and 90 kilometres from the city of Kuopio.

Friendly service, nature values, cherishing cultural heritage. These are some of the values we find important.

You are warmly welcome to Niemilomat!

Smoke sauna
Smoke sauna
Smoke sauna
Reeta Hostess of Niemilomat

The Niemilomat premises has been passed through five generations. Today the place is hosted by Reeta, who took on the entrepreneurship after her grandparents.

There is a new kind of bustle in the area today, as the energetic entrepreneur constantly brings new ideas to the place. One of the most recent developments in the area is a new mountain bike route called MTB Niemelä. Consequently, Niemilomat rents electric bikes, so that it is easy for our guest to take a sweaty bike tour in the forest and afterwards relax in the heat of the sauna!