Restaurant Vännin Ankkuri

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The restaurant Vännin Ankkuri is located in the same building as the smoke sauna. The restaurant offers an ideal setting for parties, gatherings and meetings. The restaurant can take a group of up to 40 people, and it serves both soft and alcoholic drinks. Vännin Ankkuri serves beverages and snacks every day in the summertime, and for groups the restaurant can be booked all year round. Wireles Wi-Fi works in the restaurant.


The Smoke Sauna

Savusauna 1 Savusauna 2 Savusauna 3 Savusauna 4 Savusauna 5 

At Niemilomat you can enjoy the pleasant heat of a traditional Finnish smoke sauna, which can take up to 20 people at a time. The sauna facility has two changing rooms and two showering rooms. The price includes towels, soap and shampoo. From the smoke sauna you can take a dip in Lake Unnukka or the outdoor hot tub.